Isle of Man Athletics Junior Pentathlon

The Isle of Man Junior Pentathlon is being held on Saturday 22 August 2020.

Registration is expected to open at 9.30 a.m. on the day with the first event starting at 10.00 a.m.

Further details on timing will be release closer to the day with all updates being published on this website.

Medals will be presented to first three in each category.

Please check your age group below before completing the Entry Form

Under 13 Boy or Girl        11 or 12 at Midnight at 31st Aug/1st Sept 2020
Under 15 Boy or Girl        13 or 14 at Midnight at 31st Aug/1st Sept 2020


U13 Girls 70m Hurdles Shot Put 2.72kg High Jump Long Jump 800m
U13 Boys 75m Hurdles Shot Put 3.00kg High Jump Long Jump 800m
U15 Girls 75m Hurdles Shot Put 3.00kg High Jump Long Jump 800m
U15 Boys 80m Hurdles Shot Put 4.00kg High Jump Long Jump 800m

ENTRY FEE: £7.50

Please make cheques payable to the IOM Athletics Association and send in with this form to: Kelly Hillier, 6 Close Cowley, Douglas, Isle of Man. IM2 2HX.

Enquiries to Kelly on: Tel 451898 or email


There will also be a Senior 800m and Veterans 200m event and also throws available on the day. These events will be enter and pay on the day.  For further information please contact Di Shimell

Track & Field Competition is Back!

Isle of Man Athletics is pleased to announce the rearranged Track & Field fixtures as follows:

Newfield Isle of Man Track & Field League (u13’s upwards)

5th August 2020
19th August 2020
2nd September 2020

Signing on for the league will be on 23rd July at Manx Harrier’s Club House from 5.30 – 7.30 pm

Here is the Entry Form.  (If you’re a member of NAC please use this Entry Form)

Following the league there will be presentation evenings etc. please look out online for details.

Multi Events Championships (u13 & u15)

22nd August 2020

Track Champs 10k Walk

24th August 2020

Isle of Man Track & Field Championships

12th – 13th September 2020

Isle of Man Athletics believes this schedule along with the Club T&F Championships will provide a good level of on Island competition for our athletes allowing them to gain suitable selection standards as required for higher competition.

IOM Athletics Phased Lockdown Exit Strategy – Using the NSC

It feels like a lifetime since we were last able to lace up the spikes and let loose but there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the recent easing of restrictions, IOM Athletics is pleased to announce that from Monday 25th May the NSC track will be available for use to some members of the Island’s athletics community.

As the Island’s athletics body, IOM Athletics has the responsibility to carefully balance the safe return of athletics whilst maintaining the safety of athletes, coaches, facility staff and the wider public. We have therefore opted to phase in the return to use of the track, as detailed below.

Whilst we understand this may cause some frustration to those not able to access the track immediately, we believe it is the best way to introduce a return to training while ensuring social distancing and keeping everyone as safe as possible.

The phases below are not intended to be standardised across the three sections – i.e. athlete access may be able to progress to the next phase at a point that equipment usage cannot progress. Athlete access starts with a prioritised and low-risk phase. The proposal not to return to indoor facilities such as changing rooms is made on the consideration of increased risk to users and it is worth noting that athletes are by in large training without toilet facilities at present. IOM Athletics also request hand sanitiser should be carried by all facility users.

Throughout the phases, an NSC member of staff will be on site to oversee the proper usage of the facility and to control the flow of users in and out. Understanding and adhering to the processes in place are key for the system to work so please make sure you are comfortable with the set up. IOM Athletics is committed to the safe return of Track and Field and will follow Government guidance at all points. The entire strategy is to be viewed as a fluid process with no strict timeline. The process will be under constant review and can be regressed/progressed as appropriate.

Athletics Development Officer, Mikey Haslett, has agreed to host an open Zoom call on Sunday 24th May at 20:00 to answer any questions and talk through the plan for a full return to use of the NSC.

Athlete Access Schedule

Phase 1

Athletes permitted to use the track during Phase 1 are:

  • Senior and U20 Athletes
  • Prospective Island Games Athletes (Inc. U17)*
  • Isle of Man Sport Academy Athletes*If haven’t already, you should submit a Declaration of Interest form to the IG Team ManagerTo access the track, all athletes/coaches must agree to the following:
  • Every athlete must be a signed up and paid member of an EA affiliated club* for the year 2020/21
  • All facility users to sanitise their hands before and after their session
  • Jumps and Hurdles are NOT permitted at this point
  • Over 70 or at-risk coaches/athletes NOT permitted as per Govt advice
  • Personal equipment must be used and cannot be shared – No equipment will be available for use from the NSC.*If financial support is required, contact Mikey directly

For information:

  • Access is arranged via a slot booking process through the NSC Outdoor Office. How to book the track
  • All bookings for the coming week are to be made with the NSC on the Monday where possible
  • Slots are for 55 minutes and are limited to 1 per day
  • A warm up area will be set up in Car Park 1
  • All bookings subject to the Government Guidelines for Sport
  • All bookings subject to the Terms of Use and Risk Assessment.  Please ensure you read both documents.
  • NSC staff member on hand to provide First Aid if required
  • EA Coaches insurance valid so long as coach follows Govt guidelines

Phase 2

U17 and U15 age groups are invited to use the track on the same agreement as Phase 1 and under the supervision of coach/parent.

  • Formal slot booking is still to be administered
  • Over 70 or at-risk coaches/athletes not permitted as per Govt advice

Phase 3

Remaining age groups are invited to use the track on the same agreement as Phase 1 and under the supervision of coaches as part of organised club training.

  • Formal slot booking is still to be administered
  • Over 70 or at-risk coaches/athletes not permitted as per Govt advice

Indoor access and use of equipment

(To be coordinated with NSC alongside Govt Advice)

Phase 1: No access to indoor areas and use of (non-personal) equipment prohibited. Wheelchair accessible toilet available from day 1 but to be sanitised after use.

Phase 2: Access to Toilets permitted. Equipment can be used but only NSC staff can access equipment store. Equipment must not be shared between athletes and must be sanitised after use.

Phase 3: Public Health and NSC to dictate the use of indoor spaces such as changing facilities, as NSC will be ultimately responsible for sanitisation given it is their site. Equipment usage to remain as phase 2 until IOM Govt declare safe to return to “normal practices.”

Phase 4: Full access to all areas and equipment

Field Events & Hurdles

Phase 1: Throws with personal equipment only. No sharing

Phase 2: Long Jump/Triple Jump.

  • Only 1 person allowed to use the rake and to be sanitised after use
  • Store equipment accessible but no sharing allowed and need to be sanitised after use

Phase 3: Return of High Jump, Supervised Pole Vault, Supervised Hurdles

  • Access permitted to NSC store equipment following standard protocols, obtained by a member of the NSC staff

Youth Development League – Training Session & Get Together

Attention all u13 and u15 athletes (school years 6 to 9).

On Sunday 23 February we will be holding a group get together and training session at the NSC track for any athletes interested in finding out a little bit more about the junior IOM athletics team (Team IOM Youth) who compete in the UK in the Youth Development League (YDL) during the summer. This will be an opportunity to meet other athletes, coaches and helpers and to try out a few events that might be new to you. After a brief introduction, we will have a group warm up and then give athletes a choice of events to try out where they will be guided by one of our fantastic Coaches. Any athletes already involved in YDL should also look to attend.

There will be a chance for athletes and parents to ask questions and to find out more about this great team event. We hope to hold further sessions in March and April, so don’t worry if you can’t make this first one.

Athlete registration forms will be available at the session which should be completed to register your interest and athletes must be fully paid up members of an athletic club.

The session starts at 10am and will finish by 12noon and it would be great to see as many athletes as we can – new and existing – so that we can start our preparations for the track season.

Gordon Crowe