Commonwealth Youth Games Standards

BAHAMAS 17th – 24th July 2017

For athletes who are eligible to represent the Isle of Man, below are the guideline standards for consideration to be selected as part of the IOM athletics team for Bahamas 2017 (please check eligibility by visiting the CGA website  article 25.)

100 metres 11.2 sec 12.3 sec
200 metres 22.6 sec 25.4 sec
400 metres 51.2 sec 58.5 sec
800 metres 1 min 57.0 sec 2 min 15.5 sec
1500 metres 4 min 06.0 sec 4 min 39.3 sec
3000 metres 8 min 51.0 sec 10 min 07.0 sec
Sprint  Hurdles 14.5 sec (110mH) 14.4 sec (100mH)
400 metres Hurdles 55.9 sec 61.8 sec
High Jump 1.90 metres 1.65 metres
Long Jump 6.30 metres 5.35 metres
Javelin 52.95 metres (700g) 38.20 metres (500g)
Discus 41.00 metres (1.5k) 35.80 metres (1kg)
Shot 13.60 metres (5k) 11.60 metres (3k)

Performances during 2016 and the very early part of the 2017 track and field season will count for consideration. The qualifying period is between 1 April 2016 – 9 April 2017.

Achieving these standards does not automatically guarantee nomination or selection: competitive record and proof of fitness will be equally important.

Athletes selected must have been born in 2000 and 2001 (Age 16 or 17 in year of competition -1st January – 31st December). 

Legal wind readings required for sprints up to 200m / sprint hurdles and jumps events.

Please keep Delia Fairclough, Athletics Head of Performance informed if you are close to or have reached a standard.

2016 Isle of Man T&F Championships

Here is the timetable for this weekends 2016 showing all the competitors for Isle of Man Track & Field Championship sponsored by Zurich International.

The event has attracted 196 entrants significantly up from last years 155.

Here is a List of competitors and their numbers along with a short version of the programme.  Please collect your number from the registration desk on the day of your event in plenty of time before your event.