5 New Road Running Records Ratified

Congratulations to Jack Okell, Vicki Rawlinson, Peter Cooper, George Henthorn and David Mullarkey who have all had their Manx road running records ratified.

If you have a road running record you would like to claim please download the form from the Records Page and send to Terry Bates at the address on the form.

For further information about road running records please contact Terry on: 4t8@manx.net


2015 Dohle Awards Announced

Catherine Reid and Joshua Hewitt have been presented with the Dohle trophies and £100 each for most promising male and female athlete in 2015 at a short presentation ceremony at the Sports Institute.

Also recognised for their success last year were Joe Harris (not present due to being at Uni in Loughborough – so missing from the photograph), Katie Astin, Aimee Cringle and Ashleigh Lachenicht received £75 each.

Microgaming Cross Country League Results and Medal Presentations

Microgaming Isle of Man Cross Country League 2015/16
Prize Presentation, 18th March 7pm, Claremont Hotel, Douglas.

The results of the Microgaming Cross Country League 2015/16 have now been published along with details of the prize presentation night on the Cross Country Page.




Dohle Awards for 2014 Announced

Josh Hewett and Catherine Reid were presented with the Dohle trophies for most promising young athletes for 2014.  A short presentation ceremony was held at the Sports Institute where Keith Button, Chief Financial Officer of Dohle, congratulated this year’s winners on their achievements and wished them every success for the coming outdoor season.

Also recognised for their success last year were Joe Harris, Sara Watterson, Ashleigh Lachenicht and David Mullarkey.