Foxy 5km Finale – Report and Results

Thursday 16th July saw the 5km race around the NSC and the weekend following saw a number of athletes complete their final time trial as part of the Foxy 5km initiative. The schedules have lasted for 10 weeks and over that time 150 runners have taken part either in following the schedules, recording a time trial and sharing it or taking part in the race around the NSC last week.

No. Name Age Grp. Age Grade Time PB Race/TT
1 Rachael Franklin SenF 94.06% 15.42 PB/Rec Race
2 Ollie Lockley SenM 91.65% 14.10 PB/Rec Race
3 Alan Corlett SenM 87.84% 14.48 PB Race
4 Wil Draper SenM 86.17% 15.04 PB Race
5 Andy Fox V60M 85.62% 18.39 Rec Race
6 Caroline Mayers V45F 84.98% 19.14   Race
7 Andy Nash SenM 82.88% 15.42 PB Race
8 Richard Shipway V50M 82.77% 18.23 PB Race
9 Macy Hillier U15F 82.61% 19.07 PB/Rec Race
10 Ieuan Owen U20M 82.38% 15.53 PB Race
11 Christian Varley V35M 80.92% 16.29   Race
12 Paul Sykes V45M 80.82% 17.35   Race
13 Ed Gumbley V40M 80.00% 17.38   TT
14 Andy Watson V50M 79.17% 18.38   Race
15 Corbyn Schade U15M 78.17% 17.31 PB Race
16 Elissa Morris SenF 78.08% 18.55   Race
17 Alex Bell SenM 77.05% 16.51 PB Race
18 Luke Phair U20M 76.60% 16.57 PB Race
19 Ciara Hardisty SenF 76.20% 19.23   Race
20 John Robertson V65M 75.14% 22.33   Race
21 Peter Callin V45M 74.89% 19.07 PB Race
22 Dawn Atherton V35F 74.35% 20.03 PB Race
23 Ryan Corrin U17M 74.04% 18.09   Race
24 Samantha Leahy V45F 72.84% 21.46 PB TT
25 Daniel Pownall SenM 72.06% 18.14   Race
26 Laura Dickinson SenF 71.97% 20.31   Race
27 Paul Rodgers V40M 71.77% 19.06   Race
28 Frank Jones SenM 70.69% 18.31 PB TT
29 James Wright V35M 69.43% 19.28 PB Race
30 Jamie Hayes V35M 68.84% 19.30 PB Race
31 Jake Ashton U17M 67.76% 19.50 PB Race
32 Kathy Lane V45F 67.68% 23.13 PB Race
33 Greg Hoskisson V40M 67.62% 20.25 PB TT
34 Sophie Kaighan U9F 67.10% 27.40 PB TT
35 Mark Corrin V45M 66.51% 21.51 PB Race
36 Guy Wood SenM 65.30% 19.53 PB Race
37 Julie Snape V55F 64.86% 28.14 PB TT
38 Josh Wade SenM 64.81% 20.02 PB Race
39 Dudley Butt V70M 63.30% 29.08 PB TT
40 Keith Green V60M 61.26% 26.04 PB Race
41 Darren Gray V35M 61.04% 22.19   TT
42 Fiona Bullough V40F 60.88% 24.55   Race
43 Sharon Cain V50F 60.49% 27.37 PB TT
44 Anne-Marie Rivers V45F 59.42% 27.13   Race
45 Carol Roy V65F 59.03% 34.20   TT
46 Sarah Corkill V45F 58.87% 26.56 PB TT
47 Niall Killey SenM 56.92% 23.11 PB Race
48 Jan Fox V60F 56.54% 32.47 PB TT
49 Amanda Lawler V35F 54.12% 27.53 PB TT
50 Julie Stanfield V35F 53.88% 27.40 PB TT
51 Katie Lawrence V35F 53.61% 28.09 PB Race
52 Karen Gadsby V40F 51.49% 30.02 PB TT
  Totals F 21     36 PBs Race 37
  Totals M31     4 Recs TT 15

Approximately 110 runners have followed the schedules, even if all have not completed the time trials, and have challenged themselves with hill sessions, fartleks and repetition runs. In the schedules 16 sessions were attempted, 3 time trials and over 20 steady runs of differing lengths. This is in addition to other training activities the runners would have completed. This has all resulted in some fantastic running and 140 recorded performances in the two 5km challenges and one 3 km challenge attempted. Of these 57 PBs were recorded as far as we aware. The figure will actually be higher as not all PBs were recorded in the first 2 challenges. In addition 4 Manx Records were recorded, 2 by runners following Foxy Schedules. This is even more impressive when one considers the first 5km and 3km time trials were run over rather blustery weekends of poor weather.

Some excellent improvement has been seen throughout for all runners. However, in the time trials this is clearly evident with many runners taking a minute or more off their original performance. However, pride of place has to go to Sammy Leahy who took 6 minutes of her first 5km time compared to her final time of 21 mins 46 seconds with an age grading of 72.84%. Every improvement is to be applauded as is every attempt to challenge and move forward.

The results this time around are listed in age grading order. A guide as to how this works is as follows – we had an 8 year old female and 74 year old male take part in the recent time trials and races. It is difficult to gain an understanding of how runners performed and compare results with such an age range hence the age grading % gives an interesting way of doing this rather than relying purely on time. This gives the runners time as a percentage of the fastest time in the world recorded for anyone of their age. A rule of thumb used with age grading suggests 90%+ is world standard, 80%+ is national standard, 70%+ is regional standard, 60%+ is island standard and 40%+ is local standard.

Most performances this time round took place on the Isle of Man, however, Ed Gumbley continued his great work running his individual time trial in Hong Kong with over 30 degree heat and amazing humidity even very early in the morning!!!

It is hoped that all runners have found the experience fun, rewarding and also encouraging. The aim was to support runners with their activity over lockdown and beyond. Hopefully we will see many of the Foxy 5km guys training and maybe racing over many years to come.

To this end we have two initiatives under way to keep things going if you wish to. Firstly there is a new Facebook group called Foxy’s Flyers! Now you may well say you are not a flyer, but I believe you all are in comparison with those who have not got off the couch yet and of course many of you have improved over the 10 weeks so you perhaps are flying compared to where you started so do not hide your light under a bushel as the old saying goes!!! The idea we can share tips, training sessions, pics, maybe races coming up that are not too serious and a good place to try out competition if you would like to (although no pressure to do so) and just chat about training and racing and be a support group for each other.

If you would like to join I think there are two ways to do it – you could send me an email and I add you to the group or search for the group on Facebook and request entry and then I let you in that way. At the minute I am the one and only member of the group so feeling a little exposed and lonely so I am hoping many of you will join up!!!

Do not forget that there is now a Social Running Group meeting on Mondays at 6.30pm and heading out from Manx Harriers Clubhouse for a run and a cuppa and a chat afterwards. Anyone of any ability can go along – you do not need to be in a club and hopefully this initiative will help get you started or keep you going with your running.

Finally, I have enjoyed setting the plans and also working on the performances and age grading etc. I hope you have enjoyed taking part and challenging yourselves. Hopefully, over time I can meet you all in person and we can chat about this very unusual time and how we came through it.

All the best,


Isle of Man Athletics Junior Pentathlon

The Isle of Man Junior Pentathlon is being held on Saturday 22 August 2020.

Registration is expected to open at 9.30 a.m. on the day with the first event starting at 10.00 a.m.

Further details on timing will be release closer to the day with all updates being published on this website.

Medals will be presented to first three in each category. The medal presentation will take place at the presentation evening for the IOM Athletics track league (date to be confirmed).

Please check your age group below before completing the Entry Form

Under 13 Boy or Girl        11 or 12 at Midnight at 31st Aug/1st Sept 2020
Under 15 Boy or Girl        13 or 14 at Midnight at 31st Aug/1st Sept 2020


U13 Girls 70m Hurdles Shot Put 2.72kg High Jump Long Jump 800m
U13 Boys 75m Hurdles Shot Put 3.00kg High Jump Long Jump 800m
U15 Girls 75m Hurdles Shot Put 3.00kg High Jump Long Jump 800m
U15 Boys 80m Hurdles Shot Put 4.00kg High Jump Long Jump 800m

ENTRY FEE: £7.50

Please make cheques payable to the IOM Athletics Association and send in with this form to: Kelly Hillier, 6 Close Cowley, Douglas, Isle of Man. IM2 2HX.

Enquiries to Kelly on: Tel 451898 or email


There will also be a Senior 800m and Veterans 200m event and also throws available on the day. These events will be enter and pay on the day.  For further information please contact Di Shimell

Track & Field Competition is Back!

Isle of Man Athletics is pleased to announce the rearranged Track & Field fixtures as follows:

Newfield Isle of Man Track & Field League (u13’s upwards)

5th August 2020
19th August 2020
2nd September 2020

Signing on for the league will be on 23rd July at Manx Harrier’s Club House from 5.30 – 7.30 pm

Here is the Entry Form.  (If you’re a member of NAC please use this Entry Form)

Following the league there will be presentation evenings etc. please look out online for details.

Multi Events Championships (u13 & u15)

22nd August 2020

Track Champs 10k Walk

24th August 2020

Isle of Man Track & Field Championships

12th – 13th September 2020

Isle of Man Athletics believes this schedule along with the Club T&F Championships will provide a good level of on Island competition for our athletes allowing them to gain suitable selection standards as required for higher competition.

Cross-Country Presentation – Saturday 25th July

The organising committee of the Isle of Man Cross-Country League and Championships sponsored by Law Trust are delighted to confirm details of the rearranged presentation evening. This will take place on Saturday 25th July at the Claremont Hotel on Loch Prom in Douglas. No tickets are required – just turn up on the night. A light buffet will be served and the bar will be open.

The presentation will be split into two parts. Awards for the U9, U11 and U13 age groups will start at 7pm with doors opening from 6.45pm. Then after a short break to allow the youngsters and their families to leave and the older recipients to arrive, the awards for all age groups from U15 upwards will take place from around 8.30pm.

All the athletes listed below have won at least one prize – please do your best to attend. If your name is on this list but you are not able to attend, it would be really appreciated if you can arrange for someone to collect your award/s on your behalf.

We hope to see a big attendance at this event as we celebrate not only the past cross-country season but also the welcome return to athletics and social gatherings!

Henry Allen
Charlie Arculus
Aalin Atherton
Dawn Atherton
Elena Atherton
Paul Atherton
Deena Barker
Ellen Barker
Liam Barker
Lola Bass
Rachel Beattie
Dave Bignell
Liam Blake
Carol Brogan
Corrie Brogan
Diane Brown
Jet Buchan
Jack Bullock
Mark Burman
Brian Butler
Aalin Cain
David Cain
Sharon Cain
Isla Caine
Chris Cale
Craig Cale
Jessica Cale
Peter Callin
Cory Callister
Ian Callister
Matt Callister
Scarlett Callister
Abigail Campbell
Gabe Campbell
Gemma Campbell
Noah Campbell
Harrison Chambers
Noah Chambers
Lynsey Christian
Abi Clayton
Lee Clayton
Poppy Clayton
Kathyrn Clough
Rob Clynes
Phoebe Coates
Sian Coleman
Sarah Collings
Russell Collister
Cameron Comley
Oliver Condon
Rory Condon
Fynlo Corkill
Samuel Corkill
Sarah Corkill
Alan Corlett
Kayleigh-Dee Corrin
Mark Corrin
Ryan Corrin
Tonya Corrin
Aaron Costello
Alessia Costello
Marc Costello
Adam Cowin
Cameron Crabtree
Carly Craig
Summer Craig
Jacob Craine
Paul Craine
Poppy Craine
Tom Cringle
Charlotte Crook
Evie Crook
Michael Crook
Ella Crowe
Freddie Crowe
Luke Crowe
Belinda Dennett
Laura Dickinson
Dominic Dunwell
Mia Dunwell
Charlie Elliott
Gianni Epifani
Andrew Falconer
Dale Farquhar
Jayne Farquhar
Will Forgie
Andy Fox
Karen Gadsby
Michael Garrett
Lexi Gates
Fletcher Gell
Saoirse Gell
Ben Grainger
Florence Griffin
Freddie Griffin
Gail Griffiths
Jo Hamilton
Cameron Hansell
Hayden Hardie
Mikhaella Harris
Mairi Harrison
Jamie Hayes
Kelly Hillier
Macy Hillier
Molly Hinds
Sara Hinds
Louise Hollings
Cian Howard
Tom Hughes
Joseph Hussey
Katie Hussey
Harry Jones
Patrick Jones
Sophie Kaighin
Issy Kennaugh
Leigh Kennaugh
Ollie Kennaugh
Stephen Kennaugh
Ella Kennett
Alison King
Juan Kinley
Caroline Kneen
Milo Kneen
Taylor Kneen
Ashleigh Lachenicht
Kathy Lane
Harley Law
Katie Lawrence
Dave Lawrie
Jack Leece
James Leece
Corrin Leeming
Aiden Leslie
Callum Leslie
Cameron Leslie
Hope Lewis
Jan Lewis
Sam Looker
Millie Lunt
Jim Macgregor
Neve Madden
Nigel Maddocks
Daisy Mairs
Phoebe Margrave
Madison McMullan
Jackson Menton
Mason Menton
Becky Miller
Daniel Minay
Erin Morgan
Scott Morgan
Sam Morris
Bernat Munoz-Fite
Darren Murphy
Kylan Murphy
Tufty Nash
Ryan Nelson
Tara Nelson
Dave Newsham
John Norrey
Fortune Nzama
Lucy Ormsby
Gethin Owen
Ieuan Owen
Tony Partridge
Samuel Perry
Timothy Perry
Daniel Phair
Luke Phair
Molly Phillips
Louis Piggin
Marczhela Pitao-Cubbon
Douglas Quayle
Geoff Quayle
Janelle Quayle
Theo Quayle
Ella Quirk
Nicola Raven
Matthew Redmond
Chris Reynolds
Mario Ricciardi
Geoff Rice
Jake Richmond
Angie Robinson
George Salter
Holly Salter
Charlie Scarffe
Corbyn Schade
Chloe Schofield
Nikki Sharpe
Paul Sheard
Richard Shipway
Abi Sinclair
Orran Smith
Harry Stennett
Lottie Stennett
Lucas Stennett
Kaidon Stevens
Drew Suwinski
Harley Suwinski
Charlie Swales
Phill Swales
Paul Sykes
Michael Tait
Alexis Teare
Charlie Teare
Faith Teare
Orry Teare
Illiam Thomas
Teddy Thompson
Christian Varley
Lilee Venables
David Walker
Millie Ward
Andy Watson
Penny Webster
Bonnie Winrow
Lauren Winrow
Darcey Withington
Piper Withington
Sam Wolstencroft
Vicky Wolstencroft
Zac Woodward
Ben Wright
James Wright
Joey Wright

A Windy and Soggy 3km Thrash 

Thursday 25th June to Tuesday 30th June saw the 3km Thrash for runners moving into the final 3 weeks of the Foxy 5km Challenge. 29 completed the event and as ever the weather was against them with some high winds and torrential rain over the weekend. This turned the thrash into more of a trundle for some runners but everyone who took part gave their all. Having said that at least 6 PBs were recorded.

The youngest runner this time round was 8 years old whilst the oldest 73. Runs took place in a number of venues across the island with local promenades, the old Douglas to Peel railway line and the NSC roadway being the favourite locations. The only other location in use was in Hong Kong as Ed Gumbley’s run continued the international flavour of the events!

It has to be said that all who took part deserve admiration for sticking to their task in some very difficult conditions. We now move into the final 3 weeks of training and then the final 5km Challenge being held between Thursday 16th July and Monday 20th July. Manx Harriers hope to hold a 5km run as part of their Race walks on Thursday 16th July at the NSC Roadway based at their clubhouse. More details to follow next week in the Manx Independent, also on & Manx Harriers Website and Facebook pages.

Here are the full results