Law Trust Cross Country League – Round 1 – Timetable and Courses

Timetable and Courses – Port-e-Chee Meadow

Course open for inspection from 12 noon.

Registration and entries from 11.30am.

1pm     Under 9 Boys      900m    1 short lap    Field X
1.05pm Under 9 Girls  900m    1 short lap      Field X
1.10pm     Under 11 Boys 1800m 2 short laps  Field X
1.20pm Under 11 Girls 1800m  2 short laps Field X

Under 15 Boys 

Under 17 Girls   

3900m 1 short lap & 1 large lap Start Fields XXYZ Fin

Under 13 B & G

Under 15 G

Short Course

3000m 1 large lap Start Fields XYZ Fin

Under 17 Boys

Jun, Sen, Vet Women

6000m 2 large laps Start Fields XYZXYZ Fin
2.10pm Jun, Sen, Vet Men
3 large Laps
Start Fields XYZXYZXYZ Fin


Please be at Start line at least 5 mins early

Spectators please keep off the racing line

Obey Instructions from Marshals

Registration sessions in Manx Harriers Clubhouse at the NSC on Wednesday and Friday from 6pm to 8pm – please do your best to attend to save time on Sunday!

Here is the entry form.

Here is the Port-e-Chee map

Law Trust Cross Country Season 2020/21

The season gets underway with the first race on a new course at Port-e-Chee Meadow on Sunday 11th October hosted by Manx Harriers. Whilst the course is new to most of the present runners it was used back in the early 80s (nearly 40 years ago). Some of the older runners may recall it being used for school and league races. On this occasion there are no river crossings but flat fast running on agricultural grassland with one hill on each long lap. There will also be a change to the starting times for all of the events this season with signing on being from 11.30am with the first races for under 9s setting off at 1pm. The reason for the change is to allow more time for the full schedule of events and also an earlier finish – especially needed in December and January. The race registration will be at the Douglas Rugby Club Clubhouse (near Braddan Bridge on the TT Course) as will changing rooms, toilets and refreshments.

The rest of the season follows a familiar pattern with Western AC hosting round 2 at QE2 High School in Peel on Sunday 1st November followed by round 3 being hosted by Northern AC on the 6th December at Crossag’s Farm in Ramsey. The final fixture, which doubles up and the Isle of Man Championships, is scheduled for Sunday 17th January, hosted by Manx Harriers, and it is hoped it will be at Port-e-Chee, however, this is not yet confirmed. More details to follow on this, or the new course to be used, over time!!! Athletes are reminded that they need to finish 3 out of the 4 league races to complete the league.

As usual athletes can sign up early for the league on two signing on nights on Wednesday and Friday 7th and 9th of October between 6pm and 8pm at Manx Harriers Clubhouse. Athletes and parents are advised to sign up in advance for the league as this will save much time on the day of the race and avoid any queueing or the possibility of missing a race start. The entry fee for an individual event is £6 for seniors and £4 for juniors. The unattached seniors entry fee is £8. It is cheaper to enter the series with the costs being £20 for seniors, £12 for juniors and £28 unattached. Athletes are reminded that their number is to be used in all 4 leagues races so must be looked after. Replacement numbers will have a £2 charge.

Here is the Entry Form

Whilst it looks unlikely there will be much Cross Country action in the UK this year we hope to see a bumper season with big fields and competitive racing in the Law Trust Cross Country League as well as new courses to add a little extra spice. Thanks must be expressed in advance to Douglas RUFC and the land owner and farmer for use of Port-e-Chee in October. Also to our sponsors Law Trust for their much valued support.

Cross-Country Presentation – Saturday 25th July

The organising committee of the Isle of Man Cross-Country League and Championships sponsored by Law Trust are delighted to confirm details of the rearranged presentation evening. This will take place on Saturday 25th July at the Claremont Hotel on Loch Prom in Douglas. No tickets are required – just turn up on the night. A light buffet will be served and the bar will be open.

The presentation will be split into two parts. Awards for the U9, U11 and U13 age groups will start at 7pm with doors opening from 6.45pm. Then after a short break to allow the youngsters and their families to leave and the older recipients to arrive, the awards for all age groups from U15 upwards will take place from around 8.30pm.

All the athletes listed below have won at least one prize – please do your best to attend. If your name is on this list but you are not able to attend, it would be really appreciated if you can arrange for someone to collect your award/s on your behalf.

We hope to see a big attendance at this event as we celebrate not only the past cross-country season but also the welcome return to athletics and social gatherings!

Henry Allen
Charlie Arculus
Aalin Atherton
Dawn Atherton
Elena Atherton
Paul Atherton
Deena Barker
Ellen Barker
Liam Barker
Lola Bass
Rachel Beattie
Dave Bignell
Liam Blake
Carol Brogan
Corrie Brogan
Diane Brown
Jet Buchan
Jack Bullock
Mark Burman
Brian Butler
Aalin Cain
David Cain
Sharon Cain
Isla Caine
Chris Cale
Craig Cale
Jessica Cale
Peter Callin
Cory Callister
Ian Callister
Matt Callister
Scarlett Callister
Abigail Campbell
Gabe Campbell
Gemma Campbell
Noah Campbell
Harrison Chambers
Noah Chambers
Lynsey Christian
Abi Clayton
Lee Clayton
Poppy Clayton
Kathyrn Clough
Rob Clynes
Phoebe Coates
Sian Coleman
Sarah Collings
Russell Collister
Cameron Comley
Oliver Condon
Rory Condon
Fynlo Corkill
Samuel Corkill
Sarah Corkill
Alan Corlett
Kayleigh-Dee Corrin
Mark Corrin
Ryan Corrin
Tonya Corrin
Aaron Costello
Alessia Costello
Marc Costello
Adam Cowin
Cameron Crabtree
Carly Craig
Summer Craig
Jacob Craine
Paul Craine
Poppy Craine
Tom Cringle
Charlotte Crook
Evie Crook
Michael Crook
Ella Crowe
Freddie Crowe
Luke Crowe
Belinda Dennett
Laura Dickinson
Dominic Dunwell
Mia Dunwell
Charlie Elliott
Gianni Epifani
Andrew Falconer
Dale Farquhar
Jayne Farquhar
Will Forgie
Andy Fox
Karen Gadsby
Michael Garrett
Lexi Gates
Fletcher Gell
Saoirse Gell
Ben Grainger
Florence Griffin
Freddie Griffin
Gail Griffiths
Jo Hamilton
Cameron Hansell
Hayden Hardie
Mikhaella Harris
Mairi Harrison
Jamie Hayes
Kelly Hillier
Macy Hillier
Molly Hinds
Sara Hinds
Louise Hollings
Cian Howard
Tom Hughes
Joseph Hussey
Katie Hussey
Harry Jones
Patrick Jones
Sophie Kaighin
Issy Kennaugh
Leigh Kennaugh
Ollie Kennaugh
Stephen Kennaugh
Ella Kennett
Alison King
Juan Kinley
Caroline Kneen
Milo Kneen
Taylor Kneen
Ashleigh Lachenicht
Kathy Lane
Harley Law
Katie Lawrence
Dave Lawrie
Jack Leece
James Leece
Corrin Leeming
Aiden Leslie
Callum Leslie
Cameron Leslie
Hope Lewis
Jan Lewis
Sam Looker
Millie Lunt
Jim Macgregor
Neve Madden
Nigel Maddocks
Daisy Mairs
Phoebe Margrave
Madison McMullan
Jackson Menton
Mason Menton
Becky Miller
Daniel Minay
Erin Morgan
Scott Morgan
Sam Morris
Bernat Munoz-Fite
Darren Murphy
Kylan Murphy
Tufty Nash
Ryan Nelson
Tara Nelson
Dave Newsham
John Norrey
Fortune Nzama
Lucy Ormsby
Gethin Owen
Ieuan Owen
Tony Partridge
Samuel Perry
Timothy Perry
Daniel Phair
Luke Phair
Molly Phillips
Louis Piggin
Marczhela Pitao-Cubbon
Douglas Quayle
Geoff Quayle
Janelle Quayle
Theo Quayle
Ella Quirk
Nicola Raven
Matthew Redmond
Chris Reynolds
Mario Ricciardi
Geoff Rice
Jake Richmond
Angie Robinson
George Salter
Holly Salter
Charlie Scarffe
Corbyn Schade
Chloe Schofield
Nikki Sharpe
Paul Sheard
Richard Shipway
Abi Sinclair
Orran Smith
Harry Stennett
Lottie Stennett
Lucas Stennett
Kaidon Stevens
Drew Suwinski
Harley Suwinski
Charlie Swales
Phill Swales
Paul Sykes
Michael Tait
Alexis Teare
Charlie Teare
Faith Teare
Orry Teare
Illiam Thomas
Teddy Thompson
Christian Varley
Lilee Venables
David Walker
Millie Ward
Andy Watson
Penny Webster
Bonnie Winrow
Lauren Winrow
Darcey Withington
Piper Withington
Sam Wolstencroft
Vicky Wolstencroft
Zac Woodward
Ben Wright
James Wright
Joey Wright

Cross Country Presentation Postponed

On behalf of the cross country sub-committee of Isle of Man Athletics, we sadly have to announce a postponement of the presentation evening for the Law Trust Cross Country League and Championships. This was to have been held on Saturday 21st March at the Claremont Hotel in Douglas.

Although the measures announced today by the Chief Minister in response to the coronavirus crisis did not include a ban on public gatherings, we feel that in the current circumstances it would be inadvisable to bring together a large group of people in a small area. Further, Andy Fox – who heads the cross country committee and was to compere Saturday’s event – is currently stranded abroad, and along with everyone else entering the island from tomorrow will have to self-isolate for 14 days on his return.

At the moment it is impossible to say when the event will be rescheduled. Apologies to everyone who had been looking forward to this event but we hope you will understand the decision to postpone.

David Griffiths

Isle of Man Cross Country League – Final League Tables

Here are the provisional final league tables for the Isle of Man Cross Country League sponsored by Law Trust.

All those competitors highlighted in green will receive a league finisher’s award. Those highlighted in gold, silver or bronze have finished first, second or third in their age category, and will receive a trophy as well as a league finisher’s award.

To receive a finisher’s award you must have completed at least three races in the same category during the season.

If you are one of those who will receive a prize, please check that your name is correctly spelled (or spelt!) on these tables. Unless I hear from you otherwise, the name that appears on the league table is the name that will be engraved on your award/s.

Please contact me if you have any queries, either via Facebook/Messenger, email or text 485855. The trophy order will be going in within the next two weeks, and once it has gone in no changes can be made.

A reminder that the date for the Presentation evening will take place on Saturday 21 March at the Claremont Hotel in Douglas, when medals for the Championships will also be presented.

David Griffiths
28 January 2020